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Thinking of Planting a Vineyard?


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2014 Lum Eisenmann Competition Results

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Ramona Valley Map - Tasting Rooms

rvva map imageThe Ramona wine community’s newest wine map featuring Tasting Rooms of Ramona Valley & Highland Valley Wine Country... read more

Welcome to Ramona Valley Vineyard Association

The Ramona Valley

Nestled in the front range of the Pacific coastal mountains of Southern California, the Ramona Valley has a rich history of vineyards and wine making, dating back to the early missions.  Hot days and cool nights, influenced by the coastal marine layer and fog, contribute to conditions that produce quality wine grapes in the Ramona Valley.  The area is a broad valley that is ringed by hills and mountains that isolate it from the surrounding areas.  The valley has an average vineyard elevation of 1400 feet and an annual average rainfall of 16.5 inches.

Our Mission Statement

Affirming that premium quality wines begin in the vineyard, and recognizing  Ramona Valley as a premier wine region, the mission of the Ramona Valley Vineyard Association is to educate wine grape growers in the Ramona Valley American Viticultural Area (AVA) for the successful, sustainable and profitable production, promotion and marketing of quality wine grapes to AVA winemakers.

Dedicated to Providing Leadership in the Industry

  • Supporting  Ramona Valley wine grape growers, wine and wine makers at the local and county level;
  • Educating policy makers, the media and the community on the cultural and economic value of a Ramona Valley wine grape agriculture and wine production industry;
  • Taking a leadership role in coalitions and enhancing business and political networks for wine grapes and wine in the AVA; and
  • Assisting members with information and guidance on viticultural, legal, policy and compliance issues.
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